Balta Naturcor for the living room?

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by trishareporter, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. trishareporter

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    Re: Buying & Tech Tips for vinyl flooring in your home.

    we have just put down the loose-lay vinyl in the soon-to-be kitchen with the perimeter glue.

    We are now going to lay this down also in the living/dining room area. Our reasoning for using this product is because out of four dogs, two have "bladder" problems and I'm over shampooing and worrying about ruining the laminate.

    question: we have looked at the Balta Naturcor product which looks like wood. What are some of the things we need to look for when looking at this type of product, i.e., thickness, wear layer, brands which perform better?

    We will be seam sealing this plus adding quite a wide area on each side of the seam to glue also. We also have decided to go with this product because it minimizes our sub-floor preparation, plus we're over a crawl space.

    Would appreciate any input from "the pros" out there. My local flooring guy wasn't crazy about the idea and wanted me to do the vinyl me, I thought that was just that many more seams that possibly the dog pee would get into.

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  2. stullis

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    Re: Buying & Tech Tips for vinyl flooring in your home.

    Look at a commercial quality sheet vinyl. Armstrong makes some nice looking stuff, as do others such as Toli.

    Although I'm not familiar with Balta Naturcor I haven't seen much good from other somewhat similar lines. I have even less faith in the product when I see Flooring America's name associated with it.
  3. mglines

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    Re: Buying & Tech Tips for vinyl flooring in your home.

    I've installed many floors of the Balta Earthscapes, (same as Naturcor), problem free. Its really a great product, and if you have the Earthscapes professionally installed it has a no questions asked replacement wty. I recommend it, especially over any tile plank with the dogs.
  4. hookknife

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    Re: Buying & Tech Tips for vinyl flooring in your home.

    Im not real familiar with the specific product you are speaking of, but what I can telll you is I have installed many veterinary clinics and we mostly use products that can be heat welded and are chemical stain resistant, which are like scott said usually a commercial grade sheet vinyl.

    If you like the" wood look" check into Teknofloor or Toli sheet goods, they can be welded and are very stain resistant and hold up very well to traffic (pets etc):)

    Toli International
  5. Unregistered

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    Balta Naturcor for the dining room gone bad

    We recently installed Naturcor-Labrador 742 in our dinnung area. It was placed over new plywood subfloor. The installer spent 10 hours preparing the subfloor before installing the Naturcor ( They glued the whole surface) The floor looks like crap every dent and mark in the subfloor shows through. The seam is even worse. The dealer "Flooring America " states we have to much light in the room that is why the imperfections show. They further stated that we should have layed Laun down first but the seams in the luan would still come through. Because the material is 13' 2" wide it cost us 43% more material.
  6. Tandy Reeves

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    Too much light never has caused imperfections in the floor. The installer did. Any one can install a floor that looks good in the dark. Only true professionals with pride in workmanship can install floors that look good in any light. I do not believe this is a product failure. It is an installation failure with a retailer trying to cover his behind.
  7. Floorguy

    Floorguy The Living Dead Charter Member Senior Member

    I second Tandy's take on the situation :eek:
  8. Jcshort

    Jcshort Charter Member

    Good ole Flooring America! They gave me plenty of work when I lived in Detroit! ALL REPAIRS!

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