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Discussion in 'Tools, Equipment and Supplies' started by Mike Antonetti, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Flooring Labor Contractor said to me this morning, “That’s a serious extension cord” I said, “ It’s a bad ass extension cord”, he said “it is”, I said, no, it’s the name of the company!

    I don’t play with cheap. 10/3 is about all I use on my equipment, it’s thirsty and it wants energy, I’m not going to starve it prematurely.

    I like the locking attachment just insert and it’s locked, retract collar to release.

    I needed some color changes in cords to keep somewhat organized, too many yellow and black cords.

    Heavy Duty Extension Cords | Bad Ass Extension Cords

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  2. Chris 45

    Chris 45 Director of P.R. on some deserted island. I Support TFP

    Good cords ain’t cheap. I used to have to carry multiple 100’ cords for various tools and job site conditions. My wife just bought a small electric garden tiller. I told her she was in luck because I have enough heavy duty cords that she doesn’t have to plant her crap within 25’ of a plug socket.
  3. epoxyman

    epoxyman Pro Member

    Yea we run some big ones to for the blastrac and floor grinders we run #8 4 wire van pull right at 220 lf for vacuum and grinder just the cords are heavy as anything

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  4. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia Pro Member

    hey Mike how is that extension cord holding up compared to other ones? what other cord brands have you had?
  5. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    It’s doing OK so far. Not as floppy as I’d like thought it was from being cooler out but it’s a bit more rigid. The locking end connector as the cord is new so not sure about longevity of that. I also bought another orange 10/3 cord on Amazon, 50 ft. Then cut it in half and added another locking end for two 25 ft’rs.
    The locking end plugs were not easy to put on. I really like the tools not disconnecting, went through many rigging ways and now considering cutting many tool cords to around 1 foot long and the extension cords
    Basically got the varying colors to differentiate all the cords when in use.

    Brands? I suppose only one I know is Southwire. I have a few others, one I got from a Welder at Disney he gave me oh in 1997?, couple more I bought on Craigslist also many years ago, they kinda spiral, Chinese made, maybe when copper was going bad. So onboard I have maybe 8, all 10 gauge extension cords, varying 10 feet to 65 ft.

    Most I believe are SJOW, maybe one has a T in it, all letters for different applications, weather,temp., flex? Been awhile since I looked up the meanings.

    I buy/use only 10 gauge, partly for when I need longer distance, partly because I don’t want my tools burning up choking for more power.

    Here’s one I got from amazon, 10 gauge, gets confusing when dialing order in for prices/size that the gauges change. You can probably get by with 12’s but when Equipment does go bad I never question the extension cord.

    ProLock 10 Gauge 3 Conductor SJTW 50 Foot Extension Cord With Lighted Ends - Orange

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