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Discussion in 'Taking a Break From Flooring' started by Jim McClain, May 11, 2006.

  1. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    I don't know about you guys (I use that term gendererically and mean no political incorrectness), but nice cars just turn me on. I got a sweet 1965 Thunderbird 5 or six years ago from a customer...
    ...and really got into trying to fix it up. I ordered parts, had the engine worked on and made plans to customize it some. But as time went on and as busy as I was, I just didn't have the time to drive it. Ever'time I thought about taking it to Reno, I also had supplies to pick up, so I just ended up taking the big ol' work van. Not much fun in that.

    Now that I gotta pack an oxygen tank around on my back and the seats don't recline on the Tbird, I decided to get rid of it (offers will be gratefully received) in favor of something that will allow me to do the occasional supply run AND drive a car that feels and looks better than the average flooring van.


    I know what yer thinkin': "Whoa, soccer-mom car there, Grump." And you're right, these minivans have that kinda reputation. But it makes a great van for doin' estimates and taking samples to customers. I got a trailer hitch...
    ... so's I can pick up supplies and even materials in my 13' trailer. And now I am doing a few things to make it a lot of fun to drive. To give it more power, I had a cat-back system put on, and put some high resistance plug wires and hotter plugs on. I wanna try to make a cold air intake and later install a MSD ignition system. Last week I changed out the rear sway bar for a lot fatter one and Friday I get the front done. I've been researching ways to lower the car a little without losing the ability to haul that trailer loaded.

    This car is a lot more fun to drive than when I first got it. Just with the new rear sway bar it corners fantastic. I swear, I'm gonna get a ticket here pretty soon. :shifty:

    But the reason why I started this meaningless discussion was not just to talk about my own car. We had a short lived thread about "other rides" on another flooring forum, so I thought you might revive your pictures and thoughts about your own "other car". Or bike. C'mon, I showed you mine, now you show me yours. ;)

  2. Lo Down

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    Personally, unless you know of an inherant problem with the factory ignintion, I'd probably leave that part alone. Put a gallon of gas in a 55 gallon drum, then shake it around to coat the sides............. now climb in and have someone put the lid on......... now.... flick a Bic inside there........ ya with me? ..... OK, do it again, but simultaniously flick two Bics............... Didn't notice any difference did ya? :hu: High energy ignitions (cars today already have them), are good. Those 60,000 volt ignitions are only needed when you raise the compression and make major engine changes. Raise the compression considerably, and rev the engine to beyond factory levels and then you may need some more juice.

    ..... now cold air can be a good thing. In the morning, as I leave the house in my pickup, and for the first 5 miles or more, I notice a heck of a lot more zip. I bet it adds another 20 hp.... whatever the number, it is quite noticeable in the seatofthepants-o-meter. Once the engine is totally warmed up and the intake manifold gets hot, and the carburetor and fuel get hot I drop to back down to 296hp. I wonder if there's away to insulate you fuel lines from engine heat?
  3. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Well, wouldn'cha know it, I got a damn speeding ticket yesterday. Coming back from Reno with a load of material on the trailer (smallish roll of carpet an' some pad), bookin' along with cruise control set at 70 and I go by a parked CHP and he pulls out and hits me with the red lights. He said I was doing 71 in a 55. The speed limit was 55 for autos pulling trailers. Damn, damn damn. It has been so many years since I got a ticket for anything I can't even remember. It's been at LEAST 15 years, maybe more.

    The guy wasn't pleasant at all. I told him I thought the limit was 65 and he came back with "Did you forget you were towing a trailer?" I mean, what kinda smart crack is that. I told him I'd forgotten the limit was less for trailers and was apologetic, but my ass kissin' didn't help. He had no smiles and no compassion. Gave me a ticket for "over 55 with a trailer", whatever that means. It might be less than a 71 in a 55 ticket though.

    You're the first one I heard explain the ignition thing like that. Tell ya what, lemme find a barrel someplace and I'll get back to ya. ;) Does it count that I like gettin' near the red line on it? Even though I usually try to stay within the speed limit, I like to get to that point as quickly as possible.

    I'll have to trace down the fuel line to see if there's a need for it to be kept from getting too warm. I haven't tried doing the CAI yet, but will tear into it in a couple weeks.


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