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  1. trustIsEarned

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    My house was built in 1968 and still have the orginal flooring in the entryway. We have the blueprints to the house, but the materials sheet only says “vinyl slate” as the flooring used in the entryway. No brand is listed. I really want to rip up this flooring and replace it, but I have no idea if it contains asbestos. I’ve read reviews about getting test kits sent through the mail, but it looks like people are waiting for months to get results, if any. What’s the best way to move forward? If I get some estimates from professional floor installers, will they be able to identify asbestos containing material or would they have to test it too? I’ve included a picture of the flooring.
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Is that sheet vinyl, or individual vinyl tiles? How large an area? A small area like the average residential entryway shouldn't be a big concern. It may be small enough to remove safely yourself. Peel or slice it off the floor with a very sharp razor scraper, misting soapy water at the exposure line to prevent any dust or particles from floating in the air. A small amount can usually be disposed of as regular trash in some locations. Check your local codes or call the local EPA office to find out what the rules are for the amount you have.
  3. Mike Antonetti

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    You can’t see Asbestos fibers by eye. A special microscope is used.

    If it’s that old and still being used, it probably is asbestos. Known for its strength.

    You don’t need a “kit”, you just send the sample along with the black adhesive in ziplock bag with a check for 50$? 30 for first test(vinyl) 20 for second (adhesive)

    Small area as Jim said treat as asbestos homeowner removal.

    One problem is bonding to the adhesive residue, most adhesives need clean slab, I’ve seen it gone over and things do not stick well.

    You don’t say what your new flooring will be. Today many are designed to go over(floating) without attachment.

    Here’s where I send my samples in just a regular envelope,maybe two stamps, quick response by email.

    Western Analytical Laboratory - Asbestos Testing Lab

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  4. trustIsEarned

    trustIsEarned New Member

    It’s about 85 square feet total, I’m guessing it’s sheet, but I can’t tell. Here’s some other pictures.
    F9BABBE1-DA99-4F47-9E5C-38A97DC889D7.jpeg B97D8CAB-2702-49E2-8B03-C24C1A77B7AC.jpeg
  5. trustIsEarned

    trustIsEarned New Member

    Thanks for the info. We were going to probably use sheet vinyl to replace it. Below is wood sub floor. Right now all the other floors touching the vinyl slate are level with each other and don’t need any transitions. Ideally I don’t want to make the entryway floor higher and have to add 3 transitions, change the height of the baseboard, and front door floor seal. It’s about 85 sq ft, don’t know if would be easier to hire someone given my limited experience installing floors. This would be my first one. If it was around $500 to have someone replace it with vinyl, I’d probably just pay to have it done. Don’t really have a grasp on flooring install prices. It’s just such an old and ugly floor, can’t wait to get rid of it.

    Also, I found a broken section and looked under it. Pics are below. maybe it is vinyl tile with grouting? You can see the black adhesive on the subfloor and the broken piece.
    Thanks again.

    34235F56-5EDD-49B4-80A8-F4481FE75B59.jpeg 46B833AA-3686-4F5E-B5A0-332C26F8EB17.jpeg DA38C419-1EE8-474B-BF3B-806441D7254F.jpeg
  6. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Just a wild guess, but that "wood" under your vinyl looks like particleboard. That and the old vinyl could be pulled up in large chunks together. Particleboard is a terrible underlayment.

    Also just a wild guess (I've been out of the installation game for 11 years), but 500 bucks for labor is not going to be enough for what you need done. And your project would be quite daunting for a first-timer.
  7. trustIsEarned

    trustIsEarned New Member

    Thanks again for the info. I’ll get some estimates and go from there. Much appreciated.
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