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    Years ago we used Henry's 356 for almost everything, but then we began having trouble with it turning to dough, so we finally had to stop using it for sheet vinyl. Once we started installing Forbo Marmoleum, we used their adhesive, and we have had lots of trouble with bubbles, requiring trips back to heat and roll, or re-glue. Several years ago we were installing Marmoleum under the seating in a theater remodel. It was winter, and there was no heat, I'm sure you know what that means. We were fighting bubbles everywhere. One day we ran out of the Forbo adhesive, and we are in a rural area, so no truck for a week, so the installer grabbed a bucket of the Armstrong Linoleum adhesive to finish out the day. The next day, he could not believe the difference. He could tell exactly where he stopped using Forbo and started using Armstrong. The Marmoleum installed with the Forbo adhesive was bubbling off the floor, while that installed with Armstrong's was stuck tight. We rarely use Forbo's adhesive any more, only when we run out of Armstrong. I guess you have to use what works for you.
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    I've installed quite a bit of Forbo Marmoleum with their adhesive thru the years and never had any issues. Only thing I will say about their Marmoleum adhesive is that time is of the essence. You don't have much time! Someone needs to be immediately placing the material into the adhesive while someone is applying the adhesive. Probably why Forbo recommends to peel back in the length and not the width (I know, not always possible). Also, flat trowel the back of the stove bar mark and weigh down for a few. Never an issue. Always best to use the manufacturers adhesive anyway. We all know at happens if an issue arises - adhesive related or not.
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    It's been many, many years since I've seen a pail of Henry 356. But I do recall it wasn't what it had been in the past. They obviously changed the formula. It wouldn't trowel out smoothly enough for 2MM resilient product even in wet-lay applications. If you let something like that tack up for other types of installations those gumballs look like Mount Vesuvius under the tile/sheet.

    I have the same exact problem with these VCT adhesives they are selling as "high moisture resistant"

    Whatever the hell they are adding to the mix or changing in the formula makes the product essentially impossible to apply in a commercial setting. When you first open the pail you can smear it OK for 5-10 minutes and then it starts gumming up the trowel notches. God forbid there's a spec of dust or ANYTHING irregular on the substrate. You know how 100% of the time we clean and prepare every square inch of the slab perfectly clean, right?

    You simple CANT leave the lid off the pail for more than 45 seconds. You simply CANT put any of the unused glue you smeared around back in the pail. You have about 1-2 minutes to wipe clean any glue off your hands, tools, tile, walls, door jambs........whatever before you need solvent to clean. I've done my best with that crap on a few VCT jobs and I'm frankly afraid of what the floor looks like when it's all waxed and polished. I just couldn't make the glue smear out nicely

    Good thing the industry sets the bar so low so I'm the only one around here who notices shoddy workmanship.
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    Man i feel your pain !!! The Treehuggers have destroyed our adhesives, most Goberment and State jobs all spec for it on Bid to get the job we have to suffer with garbage for glue , The Sustain 885 for Marmorate Lino does have a little more grab......kinda , Like Epoxy ya got to dive in wet and massage the pi$$ out of it , No Legs at all when pull tested. No chance getting a bubble out the next morning after install Hard set Acrylic , Reminds me of the Plank glue , Water base Crap , No wonder the industry has had such problems with moisture now days, betcha Latex Wall paint would stick better..
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    I'd say paint sticks better. It sure is a b!tch to try and buff off when the painters don't mask off.

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