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  1. I have used green pad and it will remove dried grout that was missed. There is no caked grout in the picture . The picture shows a four+ year floor ..This section shows the finish wearing off by the micro wave ,coffee pot, refrigerator, sink area . This area started showing wear in only a few years . I at that time I only used Armstrong recommended products . I have since started using other products to slow the wear . Wish I installed a real tile floor. Alterna is Ok for use in other rooms with a protective coating of after market products , but not kitchens and baths .Isn't that where you would install a tile floor.... So why use alterna to begin with.
  2. j248

    j248 Pro Member

    Yes I see there is no caked grout or grout haze in the picture. Yes I see the wear, and it looks like more than the finish...the print layer looks totally gone, that is not common for this product. Looks like something very course gas been used to scrub this
  3. Nothing scrubbed this section.This was also the last area installed and the grout was done one tile at a time . This is the area where she s most of the time . She never steps side to side ,but slides her feet wearing slippers.It also does get mopped more frequently than other areas . I do think a ceramic floor would hold up much better , our floors in the past never did this .Laminate seemed to work fine but were changed out for remodeling .There is an inch and a half of sub flooring below the luan.I'm now considering Mannington icore or porcelain. I am never mentioned to her about sliding her feet on the floor . I only noticed it last week while figuring out what caused it . It will be easier to change the floor than to correct her habits.
  4. Linda Simmons

    Linda Simmons New Member

    Thank you so much. Been trying to find the wearability of the Alterna. I actually have the pregrouted style in two tiny rooms that get very little wear, but want to lay it in kitchen, dining and hallway. One review said it scratches and the top vinyl can rip. Your answer is the first I've found to actually describe wear in high traffic areas.
  5. Disappointed

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    Dec. 2017 - Disappointed - Our tile grouted Alterna flooring installed 2 years ago in our kitchen, hallway, dining area has many wear and tear spots. There are only two of us in the household and are both clean and careful about our things - yet have noticed the flooring has small chip/tear marks in random places (no explanation as to how they got there). In our kitchen we have a computer area, the chair used has always had felt chair pads on the bottom of the legs, still the top layer of the tile(s) are worn to permanent disfigurement. I spent many many hours researching prior to purchase - my excuse for making the wrong choice is that it was a 'new product' without 'consumer' reviews. I am sorry that I chose this product because it is a weak product, non-durable and at best is a short term flooring solution. Best I can say - its warm on feet, but even so, its still definitely not worth it.
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    Planning to have 1000 sq. ft. of Alterna (16") installed through out the main floor of our home. One contractor recommends grout and the other recommends no grout, just butting tiles. Which method works best and why? Grout or no grout? Also, the contractor recommending grout also covers the entire underlay with planipatch prior to installation of Alterna, as the other contractor uses a product (didn't say name) along the joins only.
  7. Elmer Fudd

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    i recommend grouting, it looks better.
    Patch only needed at joints.
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  8. Saskatchewan

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    Can I go narrower than 1/16? Would that be recommended? Thanks
  9. kwfloors

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    Ask the manufacturer if it can be done or maybe read the directions.
  10. Mark Brown

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    I installed Alterna once without grout. If failed. The edges were beveled from the bottom to the top and would not lay flat. Calipers confirmed this at about 1/16 of an inch, a claim from Armstrong and a lost Christmas holiday and well.... it got grouted. After that experience i will not lay them without any longer
  11. Mike Antonetti

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    I’d have to confirm proper plywood underlayment, fastened properly, then it would be Ardex Feather Finish, not Mapei planipatch. Then it would be grouted with 1/16” grout joint. Properly cleaned.

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