Anybody have Dream Weaver polyester?

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by bbaker2050, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. bbaker2050

    bbaker2050 New Member

    I'm considering a Dream Weaver "Cosmopolitan" polyester carpet for our stairs and bonus room. I had my sales person call the rep to find out it's 55 oz face weight, 6 twist and 2500 density. It has the 25 year warranty. They are asking $20/yd. I'm considering it due to my budget and hope that polyester is better than it used to be. Any thoughts or experiences with the Dream Weaver carpet?
  2. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Once a poly always a poly. It tends to mat if it isn't dense enough and not that good a fiber for high traffic. It is cheaper though.
  3. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    There is not carpet guaranteed on stairs or hallways. Especially poly. Warranties are worded to protect the manufacturer. Just ask their lawyers.


  4. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    Yes polys have improved over the years - but they're still not going to wear like a nylon.
    And as said above, polys have a tendency to mat and 'pill'.

    I would ignore warranties - they're essentially worthless, but a nice way to shine a turd for quick sale.
    The things they actually cover in those warranties are the least likely things you are apt to deal with.

    The best warranty you can ever have is a reliable skilled installer who will follow directions and practice industry-best standards, and most importantly, stand by their work.

    That said, buy the carpet you like most and don't be guided by the specs.
    It's longevity is entirely on you.
    Like cars, carpet is temporary.
    Drive it carefully and treat it well, it will last longer - but not forever.
  5. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    How much direct traffic (soiling) will these stairs and bonus room be exposed to? do you walk right in from outside? soil and dirt prone areas tend to be better with nylon imo

    If it's on the 3rd floor and we are talking light traffic for the most part you will be ok.
  6. bbaker2050

    bbaker2050 New Member

    I also forgot to mention it's solution dyed BCF carpet and we are getting a 9# pad( for what it's worth....still polyester though). We have 2 separate sets of stairs that lead upstairs to bonus room and bedrooms. So upstairs traffic is generally splits between the sets of stairs. Floor mats at each inside/outside entrance. Will make people take their shoes off. We have 2 young kids too. I feel confident that the installers will do a good job. I just hope I don't wish I had spent more and went with nylon.
  7. Hanover Fist

    Hanover Fist Pro Member

    Ok, I know this is counter-intuitive, but your carpet will actually last longer if you and your guests keep your shoes (or some slippers like they do in the orient) ON.

    Body oils, especially those from your feet, are some of the worst damages your carpet can receive.
    They cause fibers to stick to one another, and when you walk or vacuum, they twist together rather than opening up. This is called pilling, something polys are famous for.
    These oils don't break down easily in the weak solvents that a typical shampooer uses, and are ridiculously hard to remove.
    Once you start to notice this damage you're pretty much on a one-way street to new floors or avoiding looking down.

    And yeah, unless your socks remain bone dry, all that sweat is getting into your carpet too.

    Dirt, traffic - your carpet and vacuum can handle.
    They're both designed for it.
    Oils, sweat, and the various micro-bacteria that live in both - not so much.
  8. Sloa

    Sloa Pro Member

    A lot of good advice here and a common thread throughout... please look at a nylon, a 40 - 45 oz nylon would be way better then that product no matter what the warrantee says. If you want to save money us an 8lb pad.

    A well constructed nylon would be way better.

    Product Name: Cosmopolitan
    Style Number: 5755
    Available Colors: 12
    Yarn Content: 100% PureColor PureSoft ® Solution Dyed BCF Polyester
    Width: 12
    Stain Resistance: Lifetime
    Abrasive Wear: 25 Year
    Manufacturing Defects: 25 Year
    Fade Resistance: Lifetime
    Soil Resistance: 25 Year
    Texture Retention: 25 Year

    I am sorry but that warrantee is a JOKE - 25 year texture retention - really?? What exactly does a customer think that means?

    Ps, there are carpets that are warranted on stairs and hallways but I prefer not to sell on warrantees either way.
  9. The Carpet Rep

    The Carpet Rep Pro Member

    I know this post is a couple years old, but by demand some manufacturers and/or fiber producers do warranty stairs now, almost exclusively on branded nylon products, though.

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