Anso or Stainmaster?

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by VKoenig, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. VKoenig

    VKoenig Member

    If you had to pick one, which would you choose, and why? I seem to be going back and forth between a 10-year Stainmaster and a 20-year Anso. Estimates are only about $500 apart, so cost is not the issue.

    Thank you - you've all been so helpful!

  2. VKoenig

    VKoenig Member

    I found this: Flooring and more: Looking to Buy Stainmaster or Anso Carpet?

    Looking to Buy Stainmaster or Anso Carpet?
    If you're looking to buy Carpet that is extra tough, exceptionally soft and long lasting, you may want to consider a product made with Stainmaster or Anso yarns. Both Stainmaster and Anso are nylon based but offer a step up over standard nylon carpet fibers in wear ability, stain resistance, and softness. When considering to buy, it helps to know the different types of each.

    There are 3 types of Stainmaster yarns.

    Stainmaster - This is the basic level of Stainmaster products. They have an increased wear ability and stain resistance over traditional nylons.

    Stainmaster Tactesse - Tactesse is a significant step up over most synthetic carpet products. Tactesse is very soft, and has an even better wear factor than the basic Stainmaster product. It is extremely long lasting.

    Stainmaster Luxurell - Stainmaster's flagship carpet product. Luxurell is the softest of all the Stainmaster products. It is also has the unique yarn structure of the other Stainmaster products so it is amazingly resistant to stains and soils. It will last longer than most any other Carpet you can buy.

    There are 3 types of Anso Carpet yarns as well.

    Anso Nylon - Anso Nylon is the standard product by Anso. It is inherently stain resistant and wears much better than standard nylons.

    Anso Crush Resister - An enhanced product from Anso. It has increased resistance to stains and soils. It also wears even better than standard Anso and also has an improved abrasion and fuzzing resistance.

    Anso Caress - The upper end Carpet from Anso. It has the softest touch and feel of the other Anso products. Some have compared it to silk or wool. As the other Anso yarns, holds up well against stains and wear over the course of the life of the Carpet.
  3. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    Lol @ anso caress feeling like wool. Luxurell yarn is really nice, although some tactesse is just as soft and durable

    Honestly, I would buy first based on color and style if you are still considering the same products as discussed
  4. VKoenig

    VKoenig Member

    I just called Shaw Floors this morning. They told me that, while their Stainmaster carpets are good, their Anso Nylon carpets are better.

    So I'm off to the Anso store to look at that again....

    You make a good point, though, that I have to like what I'm buying, regardless of the fiber, warranty, or value for the dollar.
  5. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    Again Shaw industries owns ANSO fiber company, what else would they say?

    Warranties are not to be the deciding factor if you are still looking at the same products you provided, just my two cents
  6. VKoenig

    VKoenig Member

    Good point. I feel a little silly for falling for that land mine.

    And they didn't say anything negative about the Stainmaster carpets I called about as well. All of the carpet styles I've looked at have a density of 2800-3000 (one's a 4100+), twist of 6.0+, and seem to be rated well for traffic. So I guess I'm at the point of deciding between the two companies who offer an 8# pad, along with the style and color I like best. Anso or Stainmaster doesn't seem to be the deal-breaker on this decision.
  7. Ben

    Ben Pro Member

    I would go Stainmaster because they offer another level of consumer support for you should there ever be a problem.
  8. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    They sure do, number one in customer support/standing behind their products IMO
  9. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    Stainmaster IMHO. I've rarely had problems with them, and if so, they took care of them. Anso, have had success, but also some terrible side match issues, which don't come up within these discussions of staining, texture, etc.


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