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    Hi there, I'm Jeff "AP" Smith from Plano, TX. My middle name is actully hyphenated; analysis-paralysis!
    I'm super detail oriented- want to make sure that I make the right choice when spending good money on major purchases. But I often go too far and fail to look at of the big picture.

    So speaking of that, I went through hell two years ago when a burst pipe on the first floor of my condo forced me to replace the existing Bruce solid 5/16 inch solid oak (the original stuff that came with the place, glued directly to the concrete sub-floor). This set up was asking for trouble as moisture causes issues, and installing a plywood sub-floor was not a reasonalbe option because my kitchen's appliances would have been impossible to access with out major re-work. So I was told to try engineered.

    Sounds great, the chance to get new stuff, right? Legit insurance claim with a nice allowance. Yes and no. No because I had too many choices and was overwhelmed. Then trips to places like Mr. Buffett's Nebraska Furniture Market to look at the options made things much worse as they have everything. Finally a good friend who knows me too well did a mini-intervention and told me to pick a brand and stick with it, and then a wood type, and make a selection and shut up!
    So I went with Anderson, and got a nice grey/brown oak called Haversham Portabello. The stuff has proven to be wonderful, easy to clean, and has keep its great look.

    Now it's time to re-carpet my upstairs, about 700 sq ft. No, I don't have to do it, but the ten year old nylon Karastan (medium taupe, textured saxony) is getting real hard to maintain and is looking long in the tooth. It's about a one inch thick is very dense, but there are spots which look horrible even after professional cleaning. So I've started the hunt, but since this project timeline is on my own terms, with no stressful deadline, I can relax and get the best stuff. But will i?

    So here's where I am, here are my wants:
    -Nylon, no SmartStrand. Ever.
    -To limit my choices, want to try to pick a brand, leaning Tuftex.
    -Want to stick with a texture/saxony.
    -Want a darker color, leaning light brown
    -A shorter pile length, maybe .5-.7 in.

    After researching for about a month, here are making me crave cigarettes (and I've never smoked):
    -I think that a solution died nylon is a no brainer, but every SD style I've seen has a average PAR rating. Like 3.0 to 3.5. Yes, I know PAR's are controversial, but if this stuff is so great why is the PAR so low?
    -Could it be the reason that Karastan does not publish specs is so that people like me don't go crazy with the analysis and just trust the brand?

    But we have progress! The three carpets I like, all run about $4.50-5.50 a sq foot installed:

    - Tuftex "Harbor Island." Incredible specs, with a 4.5 PAR, but not SD nylon. Stainmaster Luxurell 6.6 (Active Family). Dense and looks like wool. Can buy at a local dealer who gets rave reviews and uses own installers.7

    - Tuftex "Izzy" or "Murphy". Murphy is the better of the two, super dense. So how can this stuff, Stainmaster Pet Protect -- SuperiaSD-- get such a crappy PAR rating (3.5). I know, I should not worry, but why in the heck do they torture us like this?

    -Lowe's Stainmaster Pet Protect (SuperiaSD) "Best in Show." Love it, but the downer is I'm scared of using their installers. Oh yeah, I called Shaw and the par is like 3.5. Crap! And per Shaw's customer service line, it's exclusive to Lowe's and not a derivative style that can be bought under another brand name at a local store.

    So now you see how my crazy mind works. Yes, at the end of the day, I'm sure that either of the above would be fine as long as I get great padding and great installers and take care of it by frequent vacuuming, yearly steam cleaning, etc. But please help me off the cliff--I'd love to hear that SD nylon is not that important.

    So folks, if you have read this far, either you are going to track me down and plan your own intervention, or will help me get out of the weeds and put this behind me.

    Look forward to hearing your comments and advice,

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    You can always buy from Lowes and hire a CFi certified local installer and have them bill you for the install

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