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    Got certified last year but have yet to do any yet. It's installing pvc sheets on walls, comes in 4 x8 and 4x10' sheets. Very interesting process, you learn how to bend it to follow the walls. Seams can be welded. Anyone else doing this on a regular basis?
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    Yes, I've worked on a handful of jobs with Whiterock. I've not actually done any of the bending for inside and outside corners. A word of advice from my last experience; when you form the corners make sure you follow the instructions on seam location. Last job I got sent out to repair welds and generally doctor it up. They tried to make very small bends-------well below what they recommend. So the seams were too close to the bend and not flat enough for perfect welds.

    As an experiment on that job I did some of their caulk in the seam instead of heat weld. It looks good too.

    This job I was sent to repair the guys did a real sloppy job with the silicone caulk around the cabinets, doors, windows....etc. I wound up scrubbing down the whole job with denatured alcohol, cutting out near all of their caulk and re-doing it. I repaired a few welds but..........if the seams are not FLAT to the wall that doesn't really work.

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