Altro Whiterock by eagleswubbie & crew

Discussion in 'Spotlight on Flooring Professionalism' started by eagleswubbie, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. eagleswubbie

    eagleswubbie Pro Member

    3 days and counting in this bathroom !!! 3 colors , recessed soap dish and a horizontal layout!!

    We're putting Whiterock panels together on the table and pre welding that way there's no welding horizontal seams and eliminating internal welds .its extremely strenuous welding horizontal, 1 mistake and sheet is ruined .

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  2. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member


    You're a SHOW OFF!

    Seriously, I know what's involved there and am very impressed.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  3. eagleswubbie

    eagleswubbie Pro Member

    Why are the pics upload side ways .. thanks. I'll send more pics as we progress.shoud be 3 more days.
  4. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    Because you didn't edit them? Lemme guess, it's a iPhone? It's a common problem. Your photos are really big (hi-resolution) so that you can crop and edit and resize photos to fit on most people's monitors. Straight out of camera, with no editing, they are about 4 or 5 times bigger than they should be. Our website software can reduce the size, but unfortunately, it can't edit the image to correct the orientation.

    I used to manually edit all the photos that happened to, but I just can't do that so often now. I'd rather be out making my own photos. ;)


    But just for you, eagleswubbie, I edited your photos.
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  5. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I use iPhone, hard to see pictures, then when I tap to increase size, they're offset and off screen.

    To upright pictures is tedious. I post picture, it comes out sideways, I go to my photo album and rotate three times so it's sideways the other side. Go to edit post, remove pictures and upload the now turned pictures. They now upload sideways. Go to phot album and upright pictures,save. Then do same thing again, go to edit post, remove pictures and upload the ones you spun around full circle back to upright and they will now be correct.

    To turn photo album pictures, there's a symbol on bottom with lines sideways, tap that, then another symbol pops up with a curved arrow to rotate. After a certain amount of time, maybe two hours, edit a previous post ability expires.

    I still have some edit time, if you change the title, upright the pictures, you can start a new post under "spotlight" Jim may have to place there from a new thread, then your work will be available to public looking for this quality installation and charge accordingly! Err, I just read your profile, well at least you and your company can be proud. I think if it's that good, the manufacturer ought/should have been involved for them to display in their portfolio.
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  6. JCW355

    JCW355 Pro Member

    This is tedious work, I've never done it, only when I took the training from Altro
  7. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    It's only tedious if you do it correctly.
  8. eagleswubbie

    eagleswubbie Pro Member

    Day 4

    Other than soap dish welding spot on.. Problem I had with recessed soap dish was ,1 we have to take panel in and dri fit on to the wall ,2 set and level soap dish,3 pin scratch onto panel ,then take panel out to table cut are scribes ,set dish and pre weld . Ok for those of you that may come this all your seams have to have a 1/16" gap and need to be bevel by hand . My mistake was I used the thickness of my scribing pin as i scratched around dish for the gap and that was maybe a 3/32" gap when I was finished .Last pic shows are cut out into table for dish to be set into place . Welding was extremely difficult to follow that small of a groove . I new it was gonna suck but I didn't wanna keep beveling seam by hand after we set it ,1 slip and it's a scratch onto the face!! So if you zoom in on soap dish you can see what I'm talking about . There's no fixing this material after a mistake .no rewelding it just get worse !!!!

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  9. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    You're right. The first pass with the welder and trimming is the best you can do with the heat welding. Repairs will make it look worse. In similar situations I've resorted to the white silicone with blue tape and a lot of clean white rags and denatured alcohol.

    I've not installed all that many jobs but curiously they've sent me on a handful of "punch list"/ complaints and I've always been able to sell the jobs once I doctored everything up and cleaned the hell out of it.

    Nothing I know of you can do about those scratches. I've done everything I could think of and as you say it just made it uglier than if you left it alone.

    That's a very difficult install there. We've never handled the sinks like that. God Forbid.
  10. eagleswubbie

    eagleswubbie Pro Member

    Finally done

    It's done !!!!
    Bathroom floor is altro as well . I pitched underlament for a shower pan and floor drains to and give them a ADA compliant bathroom. Have those pic to but that's different topic

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  11. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I didn't originally move this to the spotlight forum because it had a title that was, shall we say, a bit crude. My personal rule for moving topics to the spotlight forum is that they be positive and that the first post includes information about the products and procedures used. The original first post of this topic didn't meet that arbitrary standard, not to mention that the photos were all sideways.

    Then Mike Antonetti reminded me that I can edit topic titles. So, I revisited this topic and discovered that I could also grab some of the descriptive text eagleswubbie posted in a reply and move it into that first post. Then I edited all the photos to make sure they would be right-side up.

    I hope no one minds that I took those liberties. It made it possible to be included in the Spotlight on Professionalism forum, which is where it is now. Prob'ly at the time it was first posted, I was also in the depths of sleepless nights and long days of converting TFP's server to a more secure format. I guess I just didn't want to edit photos and posts to make this a better fit - and certainly deserved - to move to the spotlight forum.

    Really nice work, eagleswubbie.
  12. eagleswubbie

    eagleswubbie Pro Member

    Thank you.

    Guess when I started post I had a frustration with this product and as I updated post and figured out to up right pics:D it became a informative topic to anyone who might come across a white rock project

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