Abestos floor tile prep for LVP install

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    So, everyone give yourself a pat on the back because the majority of these tiles came up like you said...flapjacks. A handful have had some decent bonding but tapping the end of the putty knife handle with a hammer carefully gets us under the tile and releases it when we need to. I'd say 90% have come up with relative ease.

    We've been able to accomplish everything so far with essentially just putty knives. I'm going to return the ice scraper I bought! It's been quite the undertaking but we are getting through it. A lot of 'swequity' (sweat-equity) going into this!

    The good news is in my county in NY, the floor tile if intact is considered non-friable and gets processed like normal construction and demolitions debris. Dip it off, pay for your weight, and don't look back.

    Here's a few pics of before and after so far: loving the look of the CoreTec Plus we got. If anyone is curious, I got a killer price/sq ft. Came from a Georgia retailer to NY so shipping balanced out some of the savings but overall still saved a couple hundred dollars compared to my best local offer. Would gladly provide the name if people want it.

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    Awesome!!! Great job!

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