1/2 plywood, 1/2 concrete subfloor, prep for tile?

Discussion in 'Floor Preparation' started by Chris Freedom, Dec 11, 2017.

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    Aloha everyone, casual handyman in Hawaii looking for some advice on a tile installation. I am looking at a tile install, kitchen and bath and hallway which connects the two, about 250 sf, currently covered in sheet vinyl. I didn't realize right away, but while the subfloor under the hallway is plywood, the bathroom and kitchen are both over concrete. The transition is a little uneven, especially in the kitchen, so I'll need to level things out a bit. My question is about the best approach to use here; I'll be installing 1/4 inch cement board over the plywood portion, so should I also install 1/4 inch c.b. over the concrete, using mortar screws, to achieve a uniform level? Or should I consider using a self leveling compound in the bath/kitchen to raise up to the level of the c.b. in the hall? And if I use this approach, must I strip the concrete of its linoleum first or can I use s.l.c. over the linoleum? Or am I just not doing anything right?

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    Not sure on advice until dialing in of necessities is considered.

    If the deflection ratio is correct a thin sheet membrane may work to not build height in bathroom. There would need to be crack suppression where the two substrates change from wood to concrete. No leveler over sheet vinyl, and tile can go over sheet vinyl if it’s prepped correctly and proper thinset is used. We demo tile regularly and find many types of floors/materials underneath.

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