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Oct 30, 2016
Sep 14, 2015

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Hampshire UK

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Pro Member, from Hampshire UK

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Oct 30, 2016
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    Hampshire UK
    Company owner/installer (the boss)
    Career Highlights:
    Being asked to install a hand made bespoke velvet/silk inlay carpet that retailed at 1million uk £s total and getting that job was from a recomendation . Chances of getting one like that again in my installing days are slim to none !
    Service Area:
    Product Specialties:
    Carpets / designer vct/ sheet goods
    My dad was a floor installer for 35 years and i always went to help out most weekends from the age of 7 and being knee high to a grass hopper ! And most school holidays i was keen to jump in the van with the old fella and help out . Being as talkative as i am asking everything and anything as i was watching my farther work getting involved "seam roller in hand dad im in charge of making the line dissapear ! "At 16 left school and knew that being a floor installer is all i wanted to do so 19 years later and still at it and as keen as ever . I enjoy my job and pleasing customers by transforming there home with flooring getting paid is important but also a bonus !
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