Undercut Drywall

Undercut Drywall
PeterJayPriest, Nov 28, 2012
    • Mike Antonetti
      I know that wood , we dont use urethane for it but less moisture is better and if you ever have to take it up it will be toothpick size.
      End joints are spaced very well and not much stairstepping (5 different sizes right)
      your expansion joint along walls are going to be under the drywall, had to get on laptop, was on i-phone, began to get concerned
      Good choice using the base instead of 1/4 round to finish, sometimes it just looks too bulky, a shoe moulding would look ok probably.
      Looks like an installation youll be proud of for years and years, and with the money you saved you can buy that ______ you always wanted.
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