A Pro's Leisure

A Pro's work is NOT never done, sometimes it is. These photos are not flooring related, but represent the family, friends and joys of life after flooring.

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Recent Comments

  1. Jim McClain
    This album is just one reason I am very happy to have converted our old forum software to this new one, which includes this great gallery application. It shows off your beautiful work so much...
  2. Jim McClain
    That looks real nice. Good job!
  3. j248
    looks great. It adds a whole new dimension to the picture...That was cheesy. It adds a whole new perspective...nah, i'm trying too hard from my point of view.
  4. Jim McClain
    @kwfloors Glad you're hanging in there. I hope any struggles will be worth it all.
  5. kwfloors
    That's cool, still working on getting around here. It will take some time. Looks good though.

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