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Repair Pergo Flooring

"Repair Pergo Flooring," in the Hardwood and Laminates Q&A forum, begins: "We just had a piano delivered to my house and I discovered recently that in the process the movers scratched ..."

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Repair Pergo Flooring

We just had a piano delivered to my house and I discovered recently that in the process the movers scratched one of my Pergo planks pretty good. I have some planks left from when the floors were installed so I was thinking of starting from a corner of the room and taking out all the good planks until I get to the damaged one. I will then replace the damaged plank and put back on all the other good (but used) planks (note these planks do not use glue, they just snap together). The scratched plank is the 3rd plank from the wall and about two planks from the corner of the room. Unfortunately, though, about one-third of the damaged plank extends into an opening between the living room and the hallway so if I work my way to the damaged plank from the two corner walls the damaged plank won't be completely free on two sides when I get to it. One third of the long side of the damaged plank will still be locked in by an adjacent plank. I still hope to get this idea to work though. Any suggestions? Does this sound like a good idea? What kind of tools do you think I need? Someone else put the floors in so this will be my first dealings with laminate flooring. But Iíve got patients and time and a mind to do a quality repair, so shoot me your ideas if you have any input.

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Peter Kodner
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Re: Repair Pergo Flooring

What you are proposing will certainly work but is pretty labor intensive. There are a ciouple other options:

1. Use a scratch repair kit. Try Pergo first so you don't have to obtain all the colors you will not need. They basically are a color was used ot fill the damage. An acrylic sealer is applied after the wax has set. The acrylic will stick to the wax but not he melamine. I believe there are people that do this type of repair as wee, including some inspectors.

2. Do a single plank replacement. This would involve cutting out the center of the damaged plan. Usually a Y cut at each end connect by a straight line down the center of the plank. The bottom lip of the groove is cut off the new plank. Carpenter's glue is used to hlod the new plank down on the groove side of the abutting plank, i.e. where the top of the groove on your new replacement plank lays on the tongue. Be careful you don't use so much adhesive it drips onto the underlayment or you will fix that board in place. Not too difficult to do. If this is an option for you, I can probably find some kind of step by step with some drawings that can be posted.

Good luck!

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tony lamar
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Re: Repair Pergo Flooring

I'm thinking you are describing a situation something like this. Let's assume the green "board" is the damaged board. If I'm reading this right, you're asking can the green "board" in this scenario be removed. The answer is yes. By standing on the adjoining floor and using the sole of your other shoe to "kick" the offending board in the direction of the arrow. A grippy rubber sole that will grab will work best. Once it comes loose from the end, it will slide on out much easier the rest of the way. Simply reverse to re-install the new board. I hope this is what you are asking.
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