The Floor Pro website got its start on May 4, 2006. It began as a ready-made forum package with an add-on content management and portal system. Paint it with a pretty skin and edit a few graphics and it came to life. It would be nice to let you think it was much more complicated than that, but it just isn’t. It is a site that came together and registered its first members in less than 48-hours.

Purpose of TFP:

We are here solely to be an asset to the flooring industry and the consumers of flooring products and services. We will gather together the floorcovering industry professionals who are already accomplished or who have a desire to improve their skills in their areas of expertise and to help each other and the public to become educated in all facets of the industry. We will publish articles that will inform and entertain you; post reviews of flooring related products, to help you make good buying decisions and write step-by-step guides to help educate the professional and the do-it-yourselfer alike. Our purpose is to bring the many different industry segments and their target groups together to help close the gaps in knowledge and communication necessary for a well informed business, employee and consumer.

Our Mission at TFP:

Flooring has become technically complex and the industry internationally diverse. Advances in communications, transportation and business techniques and models have had the paradoxical effect of distancing its members rather than bringing them closer together. The Floor Pro Community members & staff will actively seek out and solicit industry professionals wherever they may be found and in whatever capacity they perform to bring understanding and education to those who seek it. We will share our information by way of articles, personal reviews and guided instructions, which you will find through our pages via the navigation system at the top of each page. You can also join us in The Floor Pro Community Forums to exchange thoughts and ask questions with our professional members and our experienced and well informed consumer volunteers.

The Floor Pro Team: is not a one-person operation. It has been managed and maintained by a diverse group of floorcovering professionals who volunteer their time and efforts. It is that team effort that makes it a valuable experience for its members, just as the industry itself must rely on the team effort of all its segments and divisions to satisfy the customer. cannot be about a single person. No individual can do all that you see and experience here. It is The Floor Pro Community that has gathered here to bring you the content that will make this one of the best resources for information and education to floorcovering professionals and those who seek our products and services. We hope that you will join us in that effort.

The Goal of TFP:

We want to be the premier website and forum for the flooring professional and for consumers and do-it-yourselfers. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We want to provide you with the resources, information, educational tools and camaraderie that will make your career more gratifying and profitable and the choices you make more informed.